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The extra mile

Dragon Workshop has been a long-term expert in elaborate restoration projects, and we look forward to discussing your bespoke project.

From the car’s interior – to the bodywork and mechanical rebuilds, Dragon has the expertise to glorify the original parts of any vehicle and re-build your car without forgetting the meaning of authenticity.

Dragon Classiche

As well as being a workshop for Classic cars, Dragon is also an expert in maintenance and full restoration.
Throughout the years, Dragon has restored the following examples:

FIAT 500

The small, four-seat city car, produced from 1957 to 1975 by FIAT Automobili was an inexpensive and practical car, measuring 2.97 metres long, and powered by a 479 cc two-cylinder. This is a 1968 example with the folding canvas roof.

Dragon’s red-coloured Classic motorcar bought in 2013 and brought from The Karl Ritter Collection in Austria, has been fully serviced and revived to be driven on the roads of Dubai carrying its vintage elegance all along.


In 1968 Fiat released the 500L or Lusso, a more richly trimmed version and more spacious than the standard 500F.

In 2013 Dragon bought an Alfa V6-engined heavily modified example from 1970. The car was stripped back to a space frame chassis and upgraded with a 240HP Honda VTEC Engine and sequential gearbox.

A project named the ‘Razzo Verde’ (the Green Rocket) the little FIAT 500L now accelerates from 0-100KPH in less than 3.5 seconds and with its full space frame handles extremely well. The car is also road legal and registered on the road so look out for our Razzo Verde on the streets of the UAE.

ISO Rivolta

A limited production grand tourer manufactured by the Italian automobile manufacturer Iso Autoveicoli S.p.A. between 1965 and 1974.

Our 1968 ISO Rivolta was purchased in Belgium and sent to the UAE in 2020, as part of a project during the global pandemic the Dragon Team stripped the car back to a bare shell to complete a full restoration. The bodyshell was prepared and painted in the original colour, the engine was rebuilt and upgraded to modern electronic ignition, the braking system and suspension had Dragon Upgrade to offer increased performance on the road and finally the interior was fully re-trimmed and repaired. Every component on this car was either rebuilt or replaced taking over 1000 hours of time to bring this beautiful car back to a concourse condition example.

Maserati Mistral

A two-seat gran turismo produced between 1963 and 1970. Mistral stands for a cold northern wind that blows in southern France and is one of the first Maserati cars to be given the name of a wind.

This straight six-engined Maserati was acquired at an auction in 2020 and is currently undergoing a full nut and bolt restoration to the same attention to detail that the ISO sampled. This car will be completed in Q2 2023 after work began in Q3 2022.


Originally a classic Fiat 500 which then has been restored into a Fiat Abarth 595 replica. Dragon has purchased the Classic from a small town in Southern Italy to have it then shipped across three seas to finally reach Jebel Ali port. The small city car will undergo the ‘Tricolore Project’ by Dragon’s mechanics, which will upgrade this small city car into the perfect Italian Performance City car classic.

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